NSSC18 Website

an iPhone lying on a graphic patterned background with the NSSC website on the display


  • UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Motion Graphics


The National Student Show and Conference is an annual event focused on inspiring graphic arts students from across the U.S., enhancing their design education, and preparing them for the real world. The theme of the event, Breakthrough, was meant to highlight the experimental aspects of the design process. We took it as an opportunity to experiment with interactive technologies in order to create an unexpected website experience.

iPhone on a bright green background with the NSSC site on display
closeup of mobile UI design

Starting with the Basics

The website needed to function as a tool for many aspects of the event, so we started by outlining requirements: ticket purchasing, calendar of events, competition submissions, bios for judges and speakers, and location information.

large letters displaying NSSC18

Not Your Standard UI

We wanted the unconventional characteristics of the design to carry through to the standard interface elements. We experimented with animation and scale to create a system of unexpected interactions with traditional elements.

Order From Chaos

In the design competition section, we knew that we would be dealing with a load of information to present for rules and categories. After a few iterations of how we could present the content, we decided to implement physics simulation code into an expandable drawer system that allows users to explore and interact with the content in a unique way.

Made for Mobile

With the primary audience being design students, we knew that a significant amount of traffic would be viewed on mobile devices. We intentionally built each section to function flawlessly on all screens. For an added touch, we built the main animation on the home screen to be controlled via the built-in gyroscope on mobile devices.

Get the Full Experience

This website was part of a larger branding campaign that included an Augmented Reality experience.

See the Campaign
Holding a poster showing the front side of the NSSC18 poster design