PurelyBlu Branding

PurelyBlu brand logo design on a bright teal background


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PurelyBlu’s mission is to save ocean life and keep our waters clean by collecting plastic refuse from the ocean and turning it into jewelry and accessories. We partnered with them to develop their brand, packaging and website.

Grid of brand design showing of the many aspects of the PurelyBlu branding.
Scuba diver swimming to the surface surrounded by a school of small fish
PurelyBlu logo mark design
Closeup of a hand holding process plastic particles ready to be used to create recycled jewelry
Closed box showing the packaging design for the PurelyBlu jewelry
A recycled plastic bracelet and a custom designed canvas pouch lying in the sand on a beach.
Closeup of custom design tissue paper for the PurelyBlu packaging.
A hand holding the custom design tissue paper that is flying in the wind.
Packaging design showing the box, tissue and stickers from the PurelyBlu branding.
A young man shows off his tie-dyed t-shirt with the PurelyBlu logo design.
Closeup of a man holding a custom branded PurelyBlu dad hat.
Purify the Blue tagline on a rich blue background with branding elements around.
A young couple relaxing on the deck of the PurelyBlu excursion yacht.