NSSC18 Campaign

Holding up a folded version of the NSSC18 poster


  • Branding
  • Website Design


The National Student Show and Conference is a two-day event featuring workshops, keynote speakers, studio tours, awards show and more to help students at all levels enhance their design education and prepare for the professional world. Matchbox created a variety of executions for the 18th NSSC, including a poster featuring an AR experience that cycled through 18 different animated explorations. For the website, we used features like a kinetic physics simulator, mouse-follow animations, mobile gyroscope interactivity, and scroll-activated animations to create an unexpected user experience.

Holding a poster showing the front side of the NSSC18 poster design
Holding up the poster showing the back side design
Three logo designs for NSSC18
Typographic design showing
A closeup of the QR code on the front of the poster
Three examples of Instagram reels promoting NSSC18
Holding up a t-shirt with the NSSC18 graphics printed on the front
NSSC18 poster on an A-frame outside of the venue
Holding up a holographic sticker with the NSSC18 logo
A photo background with NSSC18 graphics
A custom brass pin with the national student show logo
A person holds up a black canvas tote bag with the NSSC18 graphics printed in white
Animated graphics display on a large presentation screen in an event space with participants sitting at tables in the foreground
A clear acrylic award floats above a bright green background