Gelato La Boca

Gelato La Boca logo in black and white on top of a custom illustration by Kyle Steed.


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Collateral


Straight from “the mouth” of Buenos Aires, Gelato La Boca is introducing passionately crafted Argentinian gelato to the American market. Inspired by the colors and spirit of this vibrant neighborhood, we crafted a brand that’s full of life, texture, and authenticity. We also enjoyed the chance to work with Kyle Steed for some beautiful custom illustrations.

A pint of gelato showing the packaging design we did for the brand.
A pint of Cookies & Cream gelato packaging design on a yellow background
Gelato La Boca logo step and repeat on a blue background
Illustration by Kyle Steed for Gelato La Boca
A pint of Dulce de Leche gelato packaging design on a black background
A pint of pistachio gelato packaging design on a green background
A happy couple enjoying gelato
Five different gelato pint containers showing the packaging design for different flavors
GLB logo inside a sun shape over a textured background
A pint of Strawberry gelato packaging design on a red background
A pint of chocolate gelato packaging design on a brown background
Three patterned bars with the words
Three images showing packaging for Gelato La Boca
Brand graphics for Gelato La Boca
Three single scoop containers with gelato
A Gelato La Boca employee scooping gelato out of a case
Styrofoam containers containing gelato with the branded graphics on the exterior
Stickers from the Gelato La Boca brand design
Gelato La Boca street cart design
Closeup of the Gelato La Boca logo on the restaurant front door
A woman holding six styrofoam gelato packaging containers
A female Gelato La Boca employee stands at the counter in a yellow apron
A closeup of the Gelato La Boca logo on the back of a t-shirt
Three T-shirt designs for Gelato La Boca on a textured background
A mural on the street with colorful illustration by Kyle Steed
A yellow Fiat with the Gelato La Boca branding graphics
A closeup of a yellow flag with the Gelato La Boca logo