Cinemark: Expanding the Brand

Jan. 112024


The Challenge

How does one of North America’s largest movie theater chains overhaul their brand to reposition themselves as a premier entertainment destination? When Cinemark approached Matchbox Studio, they brought us the seeds of a new brand—a new strategy and a couple of freshly updated logos—but lacked the visual language and story needed to give this new brand legs. Our goal was simple: help Cinemark finish what they started and craft a cohesive brand that spans the entire theater experience.



The Solution

Audiences go to the movies to be totally immersed in a different world, so we rallied around the concept of feeling “larger-than-life” as our creative north star. The Cinemark brand needed to reflect the experience of awe and delight that movie-goers love.

Big, bold graphics. Tightly cropped photography. Layouts that push the boundaries of every screen, poster, and page. These were the missing pieces needed to create a brand that felt too big to be contained. We wanted audiences to experience that excitement of being pulled into the screen at every touchpoint.



The Work

With our north star set and our vision clear, we crafted a series of brand extensions, taking the Cinemark corporate brand and setting precedents for how it could be applied across different branches of the company. With so many variables across the organization, we struck the balance between assets being instantly recognizable as Cinemark, while still living and breathing as their own sub-brands. 

Altogether, we unified the Cinemark brand, expanding on their budding new identity to create a real, applicable brand system that allowed for flexibility across categories. An identity that felt exciting and larger-than-life, inviting audiences to step inside & experience every day as cinematic.

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