SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts gives young and aspiring creatives the knowledge they need to harness their talents, build a career in the arts, and impact people around the world.

To promote their prominent arts college and increase enrollment, Southern Methodist University wanted to curb their image from conservative to creative in hopes of attracting talented new students.

For aspiring artists a private university might not seem like the perfect fit, so to better reflect the highly creative and innovative nature of the arts school, we developed the “Start a Movement” campaign. Each piece, flooded with bright colors, bold type and artfully inspired collages, was designed to excite and encourage prospective students to explore the potential of their passion. In fact, over 50% of admission survey respondents said the “Start A Movement” campaign influenced them in choosing SMU.

“Thank you to our partners at Matchbox for so succinctly and eloquently articulating a challenge that unifies and exemplifies the students who are best fit for our school.”

– Karen Drennan, Assistant Dean for Marketing at SMU Meadows School of the Arts