American Airlines Website Design

American Airlines jet flying over the clouds


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Print Production
  • Videography


To create a more personal customer experience online, American Airlines engaged us to create five micro-sites that highlight the benefits of their frequent flyer program.

Names of the different levels in the AAdvantage program with the American Airlines eagle badge in the background
A blond woman looks out at the clouds through a window of an American Airlines airplane.
A man leans against the edge of a balcony overlooking Los Angeles.
A brunette woman enjoying a cup of coffee on a balcony overlooking Paris.
A business man rolls his suitcase into an airport entrance.
A dark-haired man in a blue suit leaning against a balcony ledge over a busy street.

An airline passenger listening to Bose headphones while enjoying his flight.

Phone screen of the AAdvantage website
An African-American woman smiles as she looks down at her phone.
Two iPhones showing the American Airlines website design.
A phone screen showing icons from the American Airlines website design.
A couple hugs on the beach as they look out at the ocean.

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