The State Fair Theme Takes on Many Mediums in 2018

Oct. 182018

Animation illustration for a State Fair of Texas promo video

Since 2016, Matchbox has created the State Fair of Texas theme art. This year the theme artwork took the form of a poster, animated video, and now butter. Upon the opening day of the fair we were honored to find out the talented Ken Robison based the 2018 butter sculpture on this year’s theme “Celebrating Texas Innovation.”

Ken Robinson’s genuinely unique and buttery masterpiece is titled, “Some Assembly Required.”

To create the sculpture, Robinson used 1,000 points of Southwest Dairy Farmers butter. Butter is extremely difficult to work with and requires a stable temperature between 36-50 degrees to stay in it’s sculpted form.

Robinson told Blue Ribbon News, “I could only do certain processes at certain temperatures. Like the smoothing process – it has to be warm enough for me to be able to smooth the butter out, and when it’s too cold, I can’t do that. So throughout the process, I had to constantly climb on top of the freezer and adjust the temperature,”

We were very impressed by how accurately Mr. Robinson executed every mechanical feature in Big Tex’s face detailed in our theme poster. The team can’t wait to see what he creates for the 2019 State Fair of Texas.