Matchbox Shines Big at the Dallas Show

Jul. 132023

The Matchbox Studio has once again proven its mettle by securing resounding victories at the highly esteemed Dallas Show presented by the DSVC.

The event showcased exceptional creative works from various design agencies, and Matchbox emerged triumphant, capturing three gold awards, one silver award, and the prestigious Judge’s Choice Award. These accolades serve as a testament to our studio’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative design solutions.

Matchbox team members posing with awards at the DSVC Professional Awards Show

Gold Awards: NSSC18 Project Dominates the Stage

Our work for the NSSC18 project took center stage with its exceptional creativity and seamless execution. The NSSC18 Website, a masterpiece in digital design, was awarded a gold, showcasing our ability to craft engaging and user-friendly online experiences. The NSSC18 Campaign also claimed a gold, highlighting our studio’s proficiency in crafting compelling and cohesive marketing strategies. Finally, the NSSC18 Augmented Reality Experience garnered a gold award, illustrating our innovative thinking by leveraging cutting-edge technology to create immersive brand experiences.

Judge’s Choice Award: A Resounding Triumph

Amongst a pool of exceptional contenders, our work earned the coveted Judge’s Choice Award. This prestigious accolade, bestowed upon a design that truly captivates the judges with its creativity, innovation, and overall impact, exemplifies The Matchbox Studio’s position as an industry leader. Our team’s ability to surpass expectations and create extraordinary designs showcases our passion and relentless dedication to exceptionally creative work. See the project below:

Mobile website screens from the NSSC18 award winning website design Screens of the NSSC18 award winning website design

Silver Award: Red Gap Brewing Hefenut Packaging Design

Adding to our list of achievements, The Matchbox Studio’s Red Gap Brewing Hefenut packaging design secured a silver award. This unique packaging solution perfectly encapsulated the essence of the brand, engaging consumers through its visually striking design and attention to detail. This silver award acknowledges our team’s ability to deliver impactful and aesthetically pleasing designs across diverse mediums.

Pride and Gratitude: A Testament to Teamwork

Our remarkable achievements at the Dallas Show are a testament to the immense talent and dedication of our creative team. These accolades would not have been possible without the collective efforts, ingenuity, and passion exhibited by each team member. We are so proud and grateful for the opportunity to work on such remarkable projects with the invaluable support and collaboration from our clients and partners.